The Foundation 
The Board of the Foundation lays down key sectors and priorities for its activities. It decides on the granting of financial contributions.

Members of the Board of the Foundation
The members of the board are elected on the basis of the expertise required in the individual sectors of support. If necessary, specialist knowledge is obtained by consulting outside experts.

  Mirjam Eglin, President  
  Ursula Frauchiger  
  Lorenz Indermühle
Roland Kobel 

  Walter Rumpf
Beat Wismer
  Kaspar Zehnder  

Head Office

Executive Director
Guido Münzel 

Programme Manager Fine Arts 
Beate Engel 

Myriam Vetsch 
Susanne Bachmann

Annual closing of the office  
December 24th 2015 - January 8th 2016