Please follow the instructions for applications as published under the specific support areas. You facilitate the processing of your application by sending the fully completed application form (see "Documents and Downloads") and the necessary additional documents per e-mail (with a maximum of 3 attachments). Specific material such as catalogues, DVDs and CDs can be sent per post (one copy each). You will receive a confirmation within 7 days. 
In case of a refusal we will dispose any documents which were sent in per post unless we receive a notification to send it back.   

Submission Schedule

The Board of Trustees holds three meetings each year to decide on applications. The following timetable for submissions in 2013 should therefore be noted:

Latest Date for Submission
Decision of Board 

November 25, 2013 March 10, 2014 
March 17, 2014  June 30, 2014 
August 4, 2014  November 10, 2014 

When supporting cultural projects, the premiere or exhibition opening must take place after the Board Meeting of the Foundation. Sufficient time must also be allowed to mention our support in any printed matter. 

Languages for applications in the different areas 

Scientific Research
Applications must be sent in English 

Conflict and Violence
Applications must be sent in English 

The Arts
Applications can be sent in German or English. 

Scholarships and School Projects
Applications can be sent in English, German or French. 

Terms of Collaboration 

Our financial support is also the start of a mutual relationship. We actively accompany or monitor projects on a larger scale. Depending on the project, special goals and criteria for evaluation can be agreed upon. (see also "Instructions for Implementations")    

Specific Projects 

Start-up Projects  
We support the development of innovative and experimental projects as start-ups and are ready to accompany these projects over a longer period of time. To help us evaluate applications for start-up projects we ask for the contact details of two referees.     

Bridge Projects
We explore new territory by combining different fields of our activities. This may include links between different fields of cultural activity or between our different support areas the Arts, Conflict and Violence, Scientific Research and Education. Various areas that are supported from our foundation can be related to each other in order to open up new perspectives and enable a process of interdisciplinary learning. To help us evaluate applications for bridge projects we ask for the contact details of two referees.