Use of financial contributions
The amounts granted may be used solely to cover the expenses of the project as previously agreed. These contributions must be used as proposed in the original application. 

Alterations to the project
Please inform us about any alternations concerning time schedule, funding or the content of your project. The Foundations examines any changes with respect to the funding criteria and gives its consent, or not, as the case may be. In case you intend to use part of the finances for new purposes you have to ask for the approval of the foundation.

Naming the Foundation
In publications or printed advertising matter, mention must be made of the Foundation's support for the project concerned in a suitable manner (logo and/or text). The logo is available in various formats (eps, jpeg, tif) on our download page.

Proof of Funding
As a rule, the Foundation provides part-finance for projects. It reserves the right to pay the agreed part-finance only after proof that the balance of the funding is guaranteed.

Payment of contribution funds
The Foundation's contributions are paid onto a bank account indicated by and in the name of the recipient institution. No payments will be made into private bank accounts.

Unused funds
Contributions that have been paid out but not used shall be returned at the end of the project.

Form and deadlines for reporting are laid down in the confirmation of the support contribution. In any case, after completion of the project, a final report on results must be submitted. A financial report must also be submitted.