Individual contributions toward education

The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation would like to make a contribution to social equal opportunity through the pursuit of education by supporting educational projects for people residing in the Canton of Bern.

Our support is financial in nature and is awarded if support cannot be provided by any other means. This means that contributions are awarded if the beneficiary, the state or a third party is not able to bear the educational costs and additional costs resulting because of an educational project.

Who we support
We aid pre-school and school aged children, young people and adults up to retirement age residing in Canton Bern. Aid is awarded to people who have special educational needs, who live with limited financial means and who are motivated to complete a concrete educational project. 
An overview of groups considered for support:

  • Children, youth and young adults who are threatened by education related poverty, for example, because they did not complete their basic education or did not complete a basic professional education;
  • People who are affected by education related poverty even though they would like to continue their professional education, for example, because as working poor, they are employed without permanent working conditions;
  • People who need remedial education, for example, those who do not have a Swiss education or who have not been able to attend school or any educational classes for a longer period of time;
  • People with a handicap or illness making it difficult to access regular educational courses, which would advance them professionally and/or, for example those who require specialized educational courses;
  • People with an immigrant background, who are living with limited means and whose chances in the employment market are limited, for example, because their educational degree is not recognized in Switzerland or whose professional knowledge and experience does not match those required by the Swiss employment market.

What we finance
The awards are made for a wide range of educational projects. We support single lessons, short or long term courses, participation in both very comprehensive and less comprehensive programs as well as participation in training courses. The educational projects can be part of early learning programs, normal school and supplementary education; remedial programs in all categories; first, second and third educations as well as graduate courses and adult education.  

We subsidize all costs, which are necessary in order to achieve an educational goal.

The Foundation is free to determine the amount of awards.

How to apply for a scholarship
We prefer for you to submit your application through an advisory service (the social services, a charitable organization or advisor). If this is not possible, we must be provided with a written recommendation from a specialist (referee) stating that the educational course being planned is considered to be feasible and useful.

The Foundation finances individual contributions toward education according to the annual budget and can discontinue the acceptance of new applications when the budget has been spent. In this case we recommend that you submit your application to the Foundation the following year.