In the Support Sector «Social Welfare, especially projects for disadvantaged children and the disabled», applications can be made to the Foundation by institutions for projects which conform to the following selection criteria:

People with visual or hearing impairments
Persons with learning disabilities or mental health difficulties
Disabled people with mobility impairments, including wheelchair users
Persons with substance abuse problems (prevention and/or rehabilitation)
Refugees (life-saving, medical assistance, etc.)
Torture victims
Homeless, in particular street children

Geographical scope
worldwide; the Foundation is however interested in creating geographical priority areas. The applicant organisation must be based in Switzerland or the UK.

Foundation grants contributions as a priority for:
construction costs in Third World and Transition countries
equipment (e.g. for the disabled)
cultural, professional and social integration
special fittings in transport means for the disabled
job creation for the disabled

In Third World countries contributions can be made to running costs.

In principle, applications for contributions are not considered for :
construction costs in industrial countries
structural costs
running costs in industrial countries
setting up of networks
parent organisations