The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation welcomes applications in the field of visual art in all media (including painting, drawing, photography, video, installation and performance). The proposals must fulfil some of the following criteria:

We support projects which

  • exhibit high standards of quality
  • are innovative, extraordinary or experimental projects
  • offer cultural and artistic exchange
  • link to other activities of the Johnson Foundation (bridge projects) :
    • theatre, dance and music
    • assisting individuals affected by conflicts and violence
    • scientific research particularly in health and well-being
    • providing access to vocational training and education
  • are start-up projects
  • include educational activities (guided tours, discussions)
  • integrate people with special needs and improve their access to the arts 

Recipients include

  • art institutions or projects that attract attention beyond their regions
  • exhibitions and projects in Switzerland or the UK
  • British exhibitions and projects with participation by Swiss artists
  • Swiss exhibitions and projects with participation by British artists
  • exhibitions and projects by Swiss or British artists outside of Switzerland and the UK

Applications have to be submitted online  (see "Documents and Downloads") and have to include

  • a completed application form
  • a clear project description including visual documentation, including reasons why the project may be considered extraordinary and why it should be supported by the Foundation
  • budget and funding details

We do not award grants to

  • exclusively commercial projects
  • individual artists
  • anniversary celebrations, prizes, competitions
  • amateur projects
  • requests for funding infrastructure and running costs
  • film productions or film festivals
  • exhibition catalogues or book projects