The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation is a Swiss foundation with strong, traditional ties to the United Kingdom. It awards grants for projects that improve the quality of people’s lives and build mutual cultural understanding.

We support projects related to

  • the performing and visual arts
  • assisting individuals affected by conflict and violence
  • scientific research, particularly in the areas of health and well-being
  • providing access to vocational training and education

We particularly favour projects that combine different support areas in a purposeful way.

We work to

  • support high quality projects
  • search for innovative solutions
  • engage in partnerships
  • take a long-term perspective in the areas we support
  • support neglected and under-resourced areas
  • develop expertise in pilot projects and disseminate ideas through replication

We award grants to

  • applications that closely address one of our focus areas
  • not-for-profit organisations that support our goals (e.g., NGOs, community or social organizations, educational and research institutions)
  • individuals applying for an educational or training grant
  • projects that are clearly defined
  • projects that may be efficiently expanded to a larger or different circle of beneficiaries (e.g. projects with scalability)

We do not award grants to

  • exclusively commercial projects
  • individuals wishing to complete a personal work project (except educational or training grants)
  • organisations promoting the views of a particular political party or religious group
  • on-going or add-on projects with financial deficits
  • projects pertaining to an activity that falls within the responsibilities of a governmental body
  • requests for funding the infrastructure or operating costs of an on-going scheme or project